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Calendar 2014

16" x 24" / Fine Art Giclée 60 lb Paper / Edition of 100
Typeface: Swift EF Regular / SF Uniform


For 2014, our friends at The Board of Trade Co. invited us to create a calendar for the new year. We took this opportunity to explore alternative structures to the standard calendar as well as format and size. We decided on a larger foldable format at 16” x 24”.



The calendar was designed to reflect the multicultural community in Vancouver by displaying both international and Canadian holidays on the front side. The back side shows unique holidays of thirteen major countries around the world. In terms of the reading system, the calendar shows months and days running in columns from left to right. This format is ideal for marking long term projects and goals. For typefaces, the calendar featured Swift EF Regular and SF Uniform.


2014 Calendar shot in studio


The calendar system is ideal for highlighting longer projects or reminders with a longer duration.


Close up details of the calendar


Back side of the calendar showcasing holidays from 13 major countries.

Faculty-Calendar-2014-Print-Design-6w Faculty-Calendar-2014-Print-Design-7w

left: Close up of calendar title and numbering of editions out of 100
right: Vertical number system


Calendar in folded format