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Inspiration: Go Hasegawa, Architect

The first morning after we arrived in Tokyo, Alvin and I made our way to the first destination at the top of our list: Daikanyama T-Site. Branded by Hara Design Institute, this bookstore would be the place where we would linger for much of that day. This trip was meant to refresh our creative drive after running the studio for three years, so we went in eager to find new publications and literature from all creative fields. Unexpectingly, the book that stood out to me most was a Contemporary Architect Series with Volume eleven featuring none other than Go Hasegawa.

Use of space is a term we often throw around in design—its an important aspect of our work. For Go Hasegawa’s work however, its vital and much more literal. Since reading his thoughts, understanding his process, and seeing the results, I have been fascinated by architecture—“very inspired” is a better way to put it perhaps.

Go’s work really takes into account how his clients live—their personality, lifestyle—their “sense” as he would describe it. He really believes in knowing the people who will evidentially live in his designs and yet occasionally, his clients will surprise him by using the house in a way he never imagined as well.

Equally as important is Go’s perspective on indoor and outdoor space. By creating spaces in the home that crosses both sectors, this creates for new and exciting experiences of the home and for living. His approach in mixing the indoor and outdoor subsequently inspired me to also approach my work from different perspectives.

By completing project after project and instilling his intentions within each one, Go believes a new reality with new possibilities are discovered. I tend to think the same and will simply follow suit.

Vince Lo
Photos: Go Hasegawa and Associates, USM


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