Conversations: Satsuki Shibuya

We had been aware of Satsuki’s work as a graphic designer early on while we first started our design careers. Then, through the interwebs, we rediscovered her work completely anew now in the form of energy paintings. Just as she does in her work, Satsuki took us on a journey and we were fortunate to witness the transformation.

She is currently working on her new book: “MOMENT”. More information about the book and kickstarter campaign can be found here.


1. I think you had studied design and worked as a graphic designer before. Do you find that knowledge and experience still continues to influence your work today?

Definitely. Although I may not be working specifically as a graphic designer on a day to day… Read more

Conversations: 野田久美子 Kumiko Noda

During my recent trip to Tokyo, I had the pleasure to meet with Kumiko Noda san. We’ve stumbled across her work through instagram and have been following Kumiko’s work ever since. Her sensitivity to Japanese type treatment, clean design and beautiful print work easily got our attention.

1. Tokyo is a big city with so much to check out. If a designer or creative is only in Tokyo for one full day, how should he or she spend the day from morning to night?

If they are huge fans of contemporary art and design/art books, I would recommend spending time in the morning visiting exhibits at Mori Art Museum and 21_21 Design Sight. Both are located in Roppongi area. In the… Read more

Sound: SFM 04

Songs for the end of day.

  1. Evening Sun — Jon Bryant
  2. Open Book — José González
  3. American Beauty — Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors
  4. Too Many Moons — Owen
  5. Petrichor — Keaton Henson
  6. I Wanna Know (Cover) — Ernie Halter
  7. Upside Down — GoldFord
  8. Bloom — The Paper Kites
  9. I Wish I Wish — Sam Amidon
  10. Shine — Benjamin Francis Leftwich
  11. Above The Clouds Of Pompeii — Bear’s Den

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