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Typeface: SF Counter, Part 1

Sometimes, in the midst of our work, we can lose sight of the very practice we love. There are everyday challenges and wave after wave of daily routines that simply pull us under.

Amongst the various things we have to do at the studio these past years, I found my opportunities to design slowly diminish while my role in development grew. And while I was thrilled on the work we put out, I was truthfully scared that I wasn’t able to practice my profession.

That’s when I started SF Counter. It was my way to do more design work and simply counteract what I was feeling. In the process, I’ve learned the importance of creating opportunities. It’s perhaps one of the great gifts we have as creatives—to make opportunities to make.

I’ve always loved how the classic sans-serifs appeared when printed black on white. With the right treatment, the letters always provided a freshness that is often hard to describe. Some describe it as being “timeless”. I began working on SF Counter simply with these objectives in mind. While I wouldn’t consider myself a professional type designer, I’ve always enjoyed the process of creating a typeface. It’s tedious and labour intensive but definitely rewarding. Type design requires one to dive into the details as well as step back to see the bigger picture. It’s perhaps the best way for me to look at my role in the studio as well—a time to zoom in and a time to zoom out.

Vince Lo



SF-Counter-2 SF-Counter-3