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Shooting Film

There are countless photos within 16GB. There are approximately 24 or 36 exposures in a roll of film. The later has costed me a lot more than the former since I started shooting film, or at least, started learning to. I’ve always loved photography but I’ll never consider myself a photographer. Yet what I’ve learned and appreciated the most from taking photos is how the practice has taught me to view the world. I started to look at my city differently. In the studio, or at a cafe, I notice more often how the natural light climbs up the wall and fades.

A good friend once said that “shooting digital is about shooting volume, while shooting film is about setting up that perfect shot, and then, click”—that has stuck with me since. And as I go to pick up the developed rolls and look through the results, each shot reminds me of a moment in time and the story behind it. There is a photo that I took during our studio trip to Japan. Its my favourite shot from the trip—a worker, plowing the tea fields in Shizuoka. Every time I look at that photo, I’m taken back to that moment—in that place—and that moment always reminds me to work harder, be dedicated and passionate about my work.

Perhaps what I’ve come to appreciate most about shooting photographs is being able to share it. That photo in Shizuoka is no longer with me but it seemed to make for a pretty good gift.

Vince Lo / Shot on Contax G2