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Justin Chung Studio

Branding / Website Design / Brand Application
Photography: Justin Chung


In January of 2014, we received an email from Brooklyn based photographer, Justin Chung. Coincidentally, we were admirers of his work beforehand through social media and his personal blog. From our first conversations and FaceTime video calls, we realized our shared appreciation for the same aesthetics and methodology in our work right away, making it a seamless transition to working together on his personal portfolio as well as his first book, Faculty Department. Justin’s authenticity and personable character is certainly reflected in his work. His photos aim to capture his subjects or the moment in its most natural form. This became the basis for our approach to his brand and online portfolio.



Around the same time that we began working on his personal portfolio, Justin also shared with us his upcoming publication, Faculty Department. Justin’s work encompasses a real rich storytelling experience with a personable, relatable quality. In researching typefaces, we strived to find a typeface that offered the same feeling as his photography. Tiempos, a contemporary serif designed by Klim Foundry, became the chosen font for both Faculty Department and Justin’s personal brand. Inspired from Times New Romans, Tiempos carries a certain familiarity to it along with its eloquent form. It’s a typeface that doesn’t feel over the top while still carrying an elevated appearance.


justinchungstudio.com Landing Page Design

Photo taken by Justin Chung at his Brooklyn apartment.


left: Branding process photo exploring typesetting and weights.
right: Inspiration from moodboarding and photographs.


Colour Treatment

The brand’s colour tones are kept primarily in monotone to be complementary with any photo.

Faculty-Justin-Chung-website-design-9w Faculty-Justin-Chung-website-design-10w

Colour Treatment

A light cream colour is used to bring out the warmth and natural aspect of the brand.


Our main emphasis for Justin’s project focused around his online portfolio and carrying the same sensibilities of the brand into the web experience would be our main challenge. We strived to create a layout and navigation that was more unconventional and with a more subtle grid. We challenged ourselves to find the best balance between having minimal structure while providing enough white space to allow the website and its contents to feel “natural”.

The same design principles were then applied to a variety of brand application such as a press kit, portfolio book and digital portfolio.

To see the website, visit:


justinchungstudio.com Mens Album

A photo from the Mens album displayed in single photo view format.


justinchungstudio.com Homepage / Menu

Like walking into an art gallery, a lot of white space is used throughout the website.


justinchungstudio.com Portraits Album

An overview of Justin’s portrait photography, from fashion shoots to stories and studio visits.


justinchungstudio.com Information Page (Clients)

Content in the informational pages are set at the top right side of the page.


justinchungstudio.com Website Overview


justinchungstudio.com Mobile Responsive Layouts

Faculty-Justin-Chung-printed-portfolio-design-2w Faculty-Justin-Chung-printed-portfolio-design-1w

Brand Application: Hardcover Portfolio Book

left: hard cover portfolio book with gold foiling on cover and book spine (bottom right).
right: page spread of a photo taken at The Apartment by The Line in New York.