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Pirate Group

Photography: Gillian Stevens


The Fall of 2014 was quite an exciting time for us at the studio. There were a number of projects we got to work on with clients outside of Vancouver and in various industries. Pirate Group was one of the clients we got the pleasure of working with during that time. Existing as experts in Sound Design, it was only mid way through the project that we would realize that they were the geniuses behind the sound for some of the iconic Teletoon animations we saw on TV ages ago. We were first introduced to Chelsey Burnside and Tom Goudie and quickly began talks on their goals to revamp their online presence.



One of the main challenges that Pirate faced was the ability to effectively present their work. It’s much easier to develop a strategy to best visualize a product, but what if that product was sound? In order to provide an effective solution for the website, we needed to reassess the current visual language of Pirate and propose a new direction for the brand as well. Coincidentally, Pirate was planning to renovate their office space. Many clients who visited their office have often enjoyed the food, warm interior and cabin-like atmosphere. Pirate simply wanted to continue take their unique company culture to the next level. This aspect would be the starting point for their new direction.


Brand Photography

We commissioned local photographer Gillian Stevens for a series of beautiful photographs for the website.


Brand Photography

A white canoe was rented that day.

Faculty-Pirate-Toronto-Design-Process-2w Faculty-Pirate-Toronto-Design-Process-1w

left: Wireframe construction for the website’s homepage.

right: Photography direction with Gillian Stevens from Vancouver.


Quietness often allows us to become more aware of sounds around us. Particularly when we’re away from the noise of the city, whether it is the sound of ocean wave or wind blown through the forest, we find a greater appreciation for the things we hear. Drawing from this concept, we worked with our good friend, Gillian Stevens to produce a collection of photos taken in the natural landscape of Canada. When viewers enter the site, we hope that they can get the sense of quietness through the photographs.



In addition to the new photography, our efforts on the website design was to create a clearer structure for their services and a more engaging display of Pirates past work. The homepage showcases a vertical background image to create a sense of a  “panning” movement as the viewer scrolls down the site. This layout was used with the intention of further drawing the viewer into the scene.

To see the website, visit:


piratetoronto.com Homepage Design



piratetoronto.com Homepage Design

Homepage contents are designed in tiles which sits on top of the background image. As the viewer scrolls down the page, the background image is still visible through the few open spaces.


piratetoronto.com Portfolio Page

Project thumbnails are designed in resemblance film strips.


piratetoronto.com Project Page


piratetoronto.com Contact Page


piratetoronto.com Website Overview


piratetoronto.com Mobile Responsive Layouts