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Truvelle, Lookbook 2016

6" x 8" / 44 Pages / Edition of 1000
Lookbook Photography: Blush Photography


After a successful 2015 campaign, Gaby briefed us on her plans for the 2016 collection. The 2015 lookbook was well received but we had wanted to improve on the format for the new lookbook. Our collective summary was to move towards a simple saddle stitch binding as opposed to the perfect bound format of last year. This gave viewers much more flexibility to view the lookbook laid flat.



For the new collection, Gaby traveled with renowned wedding photographer, Kristy Ryan of Blush Photography to Spain for the lookbook shoot. This certainly gave the campaign an entirely different look and feel—a refreshing and commendable approach. Our team took built upon the design structure set up from the 2015 booklet and also made significant changes to the treatment of the photos. The new photos had a strong sense of movement and travel and hence, we wanted to treat the photos with a more playful execution. By overlaying some of the photographs, it allows us to almost suggest a narrative to the imagery. The final lookbook was printed with Metropolitan Printers who were instrumental in the production and quality of the books. As a subtle element, copper metal wiring was used in place of the silver for saddle stitching. The copper was simply a great fit with the colour tones of Truvelle’s brand.


2016 Lookbook, Saddle stitched with copper wiring.

Faculty-Truvelle-Wedding-Gown-Lookbook-2016-Design-Process-2w Faculty-Truvelle-Wedding-Gown-Lookbook-2016-Design-Process-1w

Photos of the printed proofs we received to check for colours and any final issues.


Opening spread for the Carolina Dress. Switching to the saddle-stitched binding allowed the lookbook to lay flat, making it easier to look through.


Opening spread for the Bernadette Dress.


Ending spread for contact information and lookbook credits.


Details of the lookbook cover and inner pages.