Press Check: Clerestory Magazine

In late August, we visited Hemlock Printers for press check on behalf of Clerestory Magazine. After working closely on this publication for eight months, it was truly rewarding to see it finally translate from screen to print. It has been awhile since we stepped on the printing floor but seeing all the work that goes into making a printed book always makes us appreciate the process even more. Many of the staff who managed the printing of our project has been at Hemlock or in the print industry for more than 20+ years. Their experience is invaluable and it was interesting to hear their perspective on passing that knowledge on to a next generation to carry… Read more

Field Trip: Arthur Erickson’s Secret Garden

Last week, our team had the privilege to visit the secret garden of the late renowned Canadian architect, Arthur Erickson.

Stepping into his backyard garden was both overwhelming and relatable all at once. Located deep in the Kitsilano neighbourhood, just blocks away from our studio, Erickson’s residence is situated on a street that looks like any of the ones we drive by every day on our way to work. Yet as we entered the garden, we began to escape the outside world and into his place of retreat.

As we slowly made our way past the Arbutus tree and around the man-made pond, architectural photographer Simon Scott began to share intimate stories of his time working for Erickson and the… Read more

Merry Christmas!

This past Sunday, our team got together to celebrate a year of hard work with a drop-in ceramics session. Our good friend Haneu (haneu.haneu) was so kind to spend the afternoon with us and show us the ropes. Compared to last year, where we gathered on Zoom with our synchronized DoorDash deliveries, being able to celebrate together was a real treat and something we were truly grateful for. It has been a tough and tiring year, but 2021 was also filled with many exciting new changes and joyful moments—things we never would have expected at the start of the year.

I’m reminded of a quote where the author claims that the artwork is already within the clay. With… Read more

Reflections and New Beginnings

This past Friday, our amazing designer and friend, Megan Kwan finished her last day, completing her eventful three years with us. As we each signed off of our Zoom call, we wished her the very best for her journey ahead.

Megan joined us in the fall of 2017, just a few weeks after we opened the doors to our storefront concept, SORT. It’s hard to remember what the studio was like before her arrival, simply due to the impact she has had on both our work and our lives.

Together, we traveled to countries we only had dreamt of visiting. We planned countless surprise parties for each other… and somehow, we were always surprised, despite using the same approach every… Read more