Sleepless in Seoul

On our latest campaign with Lojel, we crossed the Pacific to the city of Seoul, South Korea. There’s only a certain amount of planning and preparation that can be done ahead of visiting a new city (there’s only so much google street view and blog posts can really show). Arriving to Seoul, I was as prepared as I could be. Although, not prepared enough for Typhoon Ling Ling (some of us were luckier than others), the team eventually and thankfully all arrived safely.

For this campaign, we wanted to capture the city’s many personalities from the peaceful temples and grand architecture to neon-lit night markets and busy streets filled with performers and eager spectators. Travelling often allows us… Read more

Press Check and Observations of Italy

This past August truly came and went like a whirlwind, with the last few weeks dedicated to completing Faculty Department Vol. 2. Having completed a decent number of publication work since the first volume, I imagined this one would be a fairly smooth sailing experience. Yet this volume would prove to be the contrary. Working with photographer Justin Chung, our editors, and family and friends, we were able to squeeze across the finish line during the last week before going to press.

And a few days later, I was on my way to Italy, along with my wife to meet up with Justin and be on press the following two days in the city of Verona. Seeing the press… Read more

Sound: SFM 06

Songs for the weekend.

  1. Waltz of a little bird — ko-ko-ya
  2. Hitotema — paniyolo
  3. Irodori — paniyolo
  4. Chorei Memorias — ko-ko-ya
  5. はじまりの風景 (Coral Orange) — Ai Mougi
  6. Fine On The Outside — Yoshihiro Koseki
  7. Aina — paniyolo
  8. 猫のしっぽ犬のしっぽ — ko-ko-ya
  9. 蓋なしの彼 — mei ehara
  10. beginning — Mamerico
  11. afterglow — akira kosemura + haruka nakamura
  12. Traveling — Hummingbert Stereo
  13. 喫茶aori — Shin Rizumu
  14. おもいでカフェ — Ichiko Aoba
  15. Sidh Beag Agus Sidh Mor — Soazig
  16. Image & Collage – Bonus Track — Haruomi Hosono
  17. August — Denis Turbide


Observations & Outtakes: Copenhagen with Lojel

This season, we escaped with Lojel to Copenhagen, Denmark for their FW18 lookbook. After exploring the bustling streets of Morocco in the past lookbook, we wanted to capture ‘hygge’, the Danish term for moments of gratitude and appreciation for the present time and place. We were inspired by the steady pacing and rhythm of breathing and the deep inhale of relief and excitement upon arriving to a final destination.

With the help of our wonderful and talented team, we strived to capture the Danish way of life. These are just a few photos and outtakes from the trip.

From the cobblestone streets to the spanning architecture and landscapes—Copenhagen is an incredibly inspiring place…. Read more