Reflections and New Beginnings

This past Friday, our amazing designer and friend, Megan Kwan finished her last day, completing her eventful three years with us. As we each signed off of our Zoom call, we wished her the very best for her journey ahead.

Megan joined us in the fall of 2017, just a few weeks after we opened the doors to our storefront concept, SORT. It’s hard to remember what the studio was like before her arrival, simply due to the impact she has had on both our work and our lives.

Together, we traveled to countries we only had dreamt of visiting. We planned countless surprise parties for each other… and somehow, we were always surprised, despite using the same approach every… Read more

The Year of the Ox

Today is Lunar New Year, and we enter this year’s celebration with a whole mix of emotions.

Many have seen and heard of the recent rise of anti-Asian racism and hate crimes in the United States. More reported (and many unreported) incidents have taken place in Canada, but whether these events are across the border or here at home, we feel the impact of those acts deep in our bones.

These are our parents, grandparents, our brothers and sisters. These are our people.

Alvin and I are both Chinese-Canadians who spent our early years in Hong Kong before moving to Vancouver. Since we were young, we have always been taught to be silent, to not “rock the boat” and simply integrate—this… Read more

Sound: SFM 07

Songs in the moment.
No doubt, it has been a trying year for the world. In the midst of all the uncertainty and anxiety, these songs have been helping us pause and take a breath.

  1. Flying Leaves — Masaki Hayashi
  2. Color — paniyolo
  3. Tabisaki — paniyolo
  4. Memories of Furniture — Daisuke Miyatani / paniyolo
  5. Glashaus — Goro Ito
  6. Shadowgraph — Masaki Hayashi
  7. Easel — Haruka Nakamura
  8. Rainy Day — Haruka Nakamura
  9. Patience — Rhye, Ólafur Arnalds
  10. Lights of Street — Haruka Nakamura
  11. Doria — Ólafur Arnalds

Sleepless in Seoul

On our latest campaign with Lojel, we crossed the Pacific to the city of Seoul, South Korea. There’s only a certain amount of planning and preparation that can be done ahead of visiting a new city (there’s only so much google street view and blog posts can really show). Arriving to Seoul, I was as prepared as I could be. Although, not prepared enough for Typhoon Ling Ling (some of us were luckier than others), the team eventually and thankfully all arrived safely.

For this campaign, we wanted to capture the city’s many personalities from the peaceful temples and grand architecture to neon-lit night markets and busy streets filled with performers and eager spectators. Travelling often allows us… Read more