Merry Christmas!

This past Sunday, our team got together to celebrate a year of hard work with a drop-in ceramics session. Our good friend Haneu (haneu.haneu) was so kind to spend the afternoon with us and show us the ropes. Compared to last year, where we gathered on Zoom with our synchronized DoorDash deliveries, being able to celebrate together was a real treat and something we were truly grateful for. It has been a tough and tiring year, but 2021 was also filled with many exciting new changes and joyful moments—things we never would have expected at the start of the year.

I’m reminded of a quote where the author claims that the artwork is already within the clay. With each shaping, moulding, and removal of clay, the artist slowly discovers the artwork. In retrospect, maybe pottery was a pretty appropriate group activity. As we prepare to close the studio for holiday break, we look towards 2022 with an expectation for the unexpected, anticipating all the new things we’ll discover in the shaping and moulding of each day.