Observations & Outtakes: Copenhagen with Lojel
Megan Kwan

This season, we escaped with Lojel to Copenhagen, Denmark for their FW18 lookbook. After exploring the bustling streets of Morocco in the past lookbook, we wanted to capture ‘hygge’, the Danish term for moments of gratitude and appreciation for the present time and place. We were inspired by the steady pacing and rhythm of breathing and the deep inhale of relief and excitement upon arriving to a final destination.

With the help of our wonderful and talented team, we strived to capture the Danish way of life. These are just a few photos and outtakes from the trip.

From the cobblestone streets to the spanning architecture and landscapes—Copenhagen is an incredibly inspiring place. It’s hard not to notice the attention and care the people put in their city and their way of life.

As we biked around the city on our location scout day, everyone was filled with awe and wonder as we discovered more and more of this beautiful city. We rode past colourful Danish neighbourhoods; bikes that lined the streets and walls of buildings; the famous lines at Superkilen park; and the hidden courtyards and basketball courts. But what really made us pause were the outdoor trampolines along the canal sidewalk.

One of our favourite spots was when we went to Atelier September for brunch and enjoyed the ambience and food (the foooood), which was delicate and simple yet rich in flavour and prepared with great care. Every part of this place was asking to be photographed.

On the second day of the shoot we left the city and headed north, along the coast towards the M/S Museet of Søfart (Martime Museum). Along the way, we grabbed ice-cream at the Isle Jacobsen Gas Station (Oliver’s Garage) and took the luggage out for some air along the road. Although we were only a couple hours outside of the city, we couldn’t help but feel a wave of refreshing energy (the calm waters and cool breeze probably helped).

The moments Ja Tecson (photographer) and Rosanna Peng (videographer) captured of this trip truly encompasses the feeling the city emits. A note of gratitude to everyone behind making this lookbook, and to Copenhagen, we fully intend on reuniting.


Art Direction & Production:
Studio Faculty

Ja Tecson

Rosanna Peng

Isabell Rödén
Tobias Dubert

Armin Tehrani