Press Check and Observations of Italy

This past August truly came and went like a whirlwind, with the last few weeks dedicated to completing Faculty Department Vol. 2. Having completed a decent number of publication work since the first volume, I imagined this one would be a fairly smooth sailing experience. Yet this volume would prove to be the contrary. Working with photographer Justin Chung, our editors, and family and friends, we were able to squeeze across the finish line during the last week before going to press.

And a few days later, I was on my way to Italy, along with my wife to meet up with Justin and be on press the following two days in the city of Verona. Seeing the press sheets come off the press and in your hands is an experience that still amazes me. I believe as a designer, this is one of the joys from the work that we do—to be able to see the progression of what you visualize in your mind applied to screen and now in a tangible form in front of you.

I truly hope that from these 372 pages, readers will find new inspiration for their work and way of living.

It was perhaps serendipitous as well that the press check was in Italy, a country I have always wanted to visit. To put it plainly, I just love italian food. I love pasta.

However, in the following days, I would learn that theres more to love in Italy than just their food. From the scenery to the history, the traditional colours and details of their homes, and more importantly, their way of life—all of these things left an impression on me.

I hope to be able to see more of Italy some day, but for now, here are a few glimpses of the things I saw.