Sort Store
Vince Lo

At its core, the act of designing is to bring clarity or structure to a matter; to understand and rearrange—to “sort” through and conceptualize a subject in a new light which we can then share and use within our community. The act of sorting is what helps us connect design to daily life.

Design often begins as a thought that translates into action, its outcome sometimes in the form of an object. However, the real value of design does not end there, but rather, begins its ultimate purpose; altering and enriching each moment of our day.

Everyday objects often go unnoticed as their beauty is determined by the way they seamlessly fit and shape our daily activities. Yet, once in a while, they catch our attention and change our perspective, allowing us to see the objects around us anew. This sort of revelation is what we want to share with you.

We made Kitsilano our home because this neighbourhood embodies so much of what we value—the desire for a slower pace of life, an appreciation for the natural environment around us, and an understanding that richness can be found in the simple moments of each day.