At the end of 2019, we began working with the team from Virtuous Pie on their new restaurant concept, MILA. Named after the owner’s daughter, the vision for MILA was to be a meeting place for delicious and creative plant-based dishes with innovative drinks. Located in the heart of Vancouver Chinatown, MILA was meant to be a warm yet playful meeting place as the highlight of the night, or a pit stop before an event.

After working through our initial discovery phase with Nyki and her team, we were excited to bring this vision to life through their brand identity and website.

Sketchbook page of earlier wordmark explorations

Moodboard from discovery document



Graphic elements used to add a playful aspect to the brand

Proposed business card design

Brand Identity

Cheers! ¡Salud! Bon Apétit!—Regardless of where you are in the world, there’s a toast or saying exclaimed before a meal or drink with friends and family. We wanted to capture the spirit of this within concept one. We strived to create a brand identity that celebrates and encompasses the feelings of bringing people together around delicious food with international flavours.

MILA, being a person’s name, inspired this concept’s visuals to exude personality—expressing warmth and playfulness with a quality of brightness and freshness. Our concept can be quieter and more sophisticated at times yet loud and punchy in other instances depending on the graphic application. Through the wordmark, colour palette, typography treatments, and graphic applications, this brand identity is created to be dynamic and charismatic.

The MILA wordmark is Inspired by the many sayings across different languages and cultures that we exclaim before eating or drinking with others. We flipped the ‘i’ to resemble an exclamation point (!), adding a nod of personality to the brand.

We created a graphic system to reiterate the idea of food bringing people together. The grid pattern acts as the table or table cloth, being the base/central point of gathering. The geometric shapes symbolize the various types of dishes and offerings laid out on the ‘table.’


Homepage Design

Website Design

Using the graphic system we created for the brand, we created a dynamic and playful layout for the website. The grid pattern allowed us to play with layering and the circular "sticker" and wavy lines were used as call-to-action buttons and highlights.

The final website was developed by Mellenger Interactive.

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