Started in Vancouver, Canada, Well Kept is a wellness brand that creates natural and sustainable personal-care products for women. With the environment and natural beauty at its core, Well Kept strives to create a community for collective growth and to open dialogue on topics that continue to defy the status-quo of the current beauty standards.

Co-founders Natalie and Emilie started Well Kept as the target audience themselves, trying to find products that were not available at the time. Since 2017, the brand has grown and done very well, but Natalie and Emilie recognized that their current web presence was not reflective of the brand that Well Kept has grown into. Natalie and Emilie reached out to us to tackle their struggles with their website and improve their direct online orders.

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Research findings on eco-friendly web design



Through our early conversations with Emilie and Natalie, we learned that they strive in every part of their brand to be aware of Well Kept’s environmental impact. From the considered formulation of their products to the careful selection of packaging materials, this commitment spurred in us a curiosity around how their new website design could, as a digital entity, also play a part.

Our research tells us that the internet’s carbon footprint is 830 million tons—on par with the aviation industry. The facts left a deep impression on our team and inspired us to look for ways to design more environmentally conscious. For this project, we aimed to reduce energy consumption by using only system fonts, smaller image file sizes, and reduced video content (especially of the auto play variety). We also provided a dark mode version of the site, allowing viewers to save power consumption.

In redesigning the website, one of our main objectives was to provide more product information and greater transparency on how Well Kept is working towards reducing their environmental impact. To work towards these efforts, we included an informative accordion section for each product and an Impact page was created to highlight Well Kept’s sustainability efforts to date.

As an added visual effect, we implemented a raindrop effect that appears on two areas of the homepage when the user hovers over the active block.

While our intentions were earnest, the launched website did not result in a smaller carbon footprint as we had hoped. Despite the results, the experience truly inspired us to continue learning how to design and develop responsibly for all future projects.

As a design studio, we believe there is still a lot more we can do in making these choices. We’ll be taking what we learned from this project to continue improving our best practices within design, as well as the many industries we have the opportunity to work with along the way.

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