During the start of our studio in 2012, we had the privilege of meeting photographer Gillian Stevens and worked on a number of photoshoots together. Since then, Gillian has been a great friend of the studio and we were thrilled when she launched her self-titled clothing label.

Each of Gillian’s collections is carefully designed with quality and made to last. As a firm believer in slow fashion, Gillian’s products are made with sustainable practices, building close relationships with manufacturers and suppliers.

Since 2020, Gillian had already built a successful base for her brand. Prior to her Fall 2022 collection, she approached us to refine her brand identity to better reflect the quality and intentionality in her clothing line.

During the design process, we kept the tactility of Gillian’s garments in mind, striving to achieve the same softness, warmth, and intentionality in the brand.

Studies of older type and the inconsistencies in the printing.
Early digital sketches of the wordmark.



Tree grid system

Garment labels, washing instruction labels

Clothing hang tag

Brand Identity
From our discovery process, we identified the concept of slowing down as a core theme to the Gillian Stevens brand—to reduce both our speed of consumption as well as our pace of life. This theme became our main source of inspiration as we designed the brand identity.

As we considered the common activities people turn to while seeking a moment of stillness, reading was a clear source of life for many who wanted to slow down.

Our design concept takes inspiration from the timelessness of printed text and the slight variations that appear as a result of ink being pressed into the paper and bleeding into the fibers. Focusing on this detail, we adjusted each letterform to portray this subtle effect to create a wordmark with its own unique personality.

For the brand system, we created a "tree grid", giving the content an organic and unique structure. In this system, groups of content/text are laid out as branches or leaves on a tree. When applying this system to an image, this allows us to play with the placement of the content in relation to the subject in the image (ie. the title sits on top of the elbow of the model).

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