After working together on their first standalone publication These Islands, Rosa Park of Cereal Magazine approached us regarding new personal business, Francis Gallery.

Named after her father, Francis Gallery had been a dream project of Rosa’s that had been brewing for many years and was finally ready to be launched. Rosa had shared with us her passion for art but recognized that owning art that was displayed in most museums and galleries were simply unattainable for most people. Meanwhile, it was also difficult for up and coming artists to have their art shown in a gallery. Her goal with Francis was to create a platform to celebrate new artists and display artwork that could be owned at a more reachable price point.

To support their physical gallery space in Bath, UK, Rosa commissioned us to design and developed their online gallery and shop.

Early sketches during the website ideation phase


Exhibition page, Shop page featuring work from a specific artist

Single artwork page

Website Design

When we first began the design for the Francis gallery website, we took our inspiration from the pure and tranquil qualities of the Korean moon jar.

Echoing the shape of a moon jar, we strived to create a simple top menu; a body with an abundance of rich content; and then ending the page with a balanced footer.

We were also intrigued by the light and darkness of the jar’s exterior and interior. We translated these qualities into the website through a pale homepage and a dark background colour for the shop page.

(2022 Update)
Since launching in 2018, we have worked with the Francis team to expand on various components of the website to accommodate their growing roster of artists. Most recently, the site has been updated to feature artwork and exhibitions from both their original location in Bath as well as their new gallery in Los Angeles.


Exhibition Catalogue Design

As part of the in-gallery experience, we designed an exhibition catalogue to accompany each show. The catalog is wrapped with a sheet of semi-translucent vellum paper that displays the vertical Francis wordmark while subtly obscuring the exhibition title page beneath. This paper combination was inspired by our trip to the UK where fog is a common part of the British landscape—creating a unique sense of depth of field. The catalogue is designed as a flexible template that can be used for future exhibitions and provide visual consistency for the brand.

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