In April of 2018, we were commissioned by CEREAL to work on their latest project for Antwerp-based special house, Graanmarkt 13.

Founded by Ilse Cornelissens and Tim Van Geloven, Graanmarkt 13 is a crossover of apartment, restaurant and store, with each level of their house offering a unique experience of Ilse and Tim’s vision. Graanmarkt 13 had made a significant mark globally and their team wanted to create a publication that captured their story and ethos.

Working with CEREAL and Graanmarkt 13’s art director, Bob Verhelst, we began to construct the framework for the book.

Book layout reference provided by Rosa Park

Early sketches and planning



Set at 256 pages, a flat plan was made to map out the content as well as the movement and flow of the book. One of the new challenges we came across when designing this publication was working with the oversized format of this document. At 10” x 13”, this was the largest size we worked with up to this point. With the document size in mind, we ran a number of tests to find the most comfortable type size for the body text.

Titled A white facade, five floors and an open door, the book moves from interviews with Vincent Van Duysen (architect), Seppe Nobels (chef), and Bob Verhelst and Christian Salez (directors) to the “elements of Graanmarkt 13”—highlighting the materials, ingredients and foliage that encapsulates Graanmarkt 13. With direction from Bob Verhelst, Rich Stapleton’s photos are placed throughout the book, shown at full scale to draw the reader into the image to experience Antewerp up close.

We also added an image index at the end of the book to provide an added layer of information to the images.

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    Antwerp, Belgium