After the completion of Faculty Department Vol.2, we got the opportunity to work with photographer Justin Chung on the book launch and his first ever photo exhibition in Los Angeles.

To us, the impact of Faculty Department as publication was its ability to gather influential individuals in one document; to tell their stories and build connections between each individual. We saw these same aspects as the goal for the book launch, in creating a one night experience for local and international creatives to come together and inspire one another.

It was serendipitous for us to get to work with our childhood friend and now producer, Audrey Tyau, who oversaw all aspects of the production.

Exhibition floorplan at Naked Eye Studio

Merchandise display exploration



JJ and Alvin measuring the height for image installation.

Upon confirming the exhibition location, we worked with Justin to strategize on the exhibition layout. Thanks to the support of Kodak, we were provided a total of 80+ large printouts of photos from Volume 2 to display.

To achieve a consistent yet collage-like result, our team aligned all the images to a eight feet height and aligned some images to each other, while others were displayed with some spacial variation.

As the setup day was the first time we were in the actual exhibition space, our looming concern was whether our measurements and sizing would display has intended. With a few minor adjustments however, we were able to put the display together successfully.


Event postcards

Merchandise display by Older Brother

L: Faculty Department chore coat and tote, in collaboration with Older Brother
R: Event poster by John Zabawa

Collateral & Merchandise
To celebrate the book launch, limited edition commemorative postcards were designed for guests to take home. Five alternative front sides were included, each displaying an interior or location from the subjects in Volume 2.

We were fortunate to collaborate with Olderbrother on a limited run of chore coats and tote bags. Inspired by the moss trees in Inverness, California and the cover color of Volume 2, each piece is dyed with moss and chaga mushrooms on organic Japanese cotton.

Along with the coats and tote, LA artist, John Zabawa created an event poster to celebrate the event.


As the doors opened and the night went on, we were very happy with the results. We had a great turnout and thanks to Woon Kitchen (Snacks), Madre Mezcal (Drinks), and Theo Martins (Music), the experience of the book launch felt complete. It was great to meet and talk with some of the subjects of Volume 2 and also see our guests take in the exhibition of photos. Our vision for the book launch was to further capture the essence of Faculty Department beyond a publication and we believe the book launch was able to express that.

Special thanks to JJ Asuming-Tawiah, Emily Chung, Jessica Ng, Veda Romero and the staff at Olderbrother and Maru Coffee for their help in the event.

More photos can be seen here.

  • Art Direction
  • Exhibition
  • Location
    Los Angeles, USA

    Creative Direction: Justin Chung
    Production: Audrey Tyau
    Exhibition prints: Kodak

    Yejin Yoon, Photography (Setup)
    Lucky Morgan Rindengan, Photography (Event)